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Purifying Mask

Purifying Mask

Need a good purge of the skin or support in correcting imperfections? This mask can help the process! A blend of turmeric, activated charcoal, and rice powder can assist in moving toxins out of the pores. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components. Turmeric gives glow and luster to the skin and revives skin by bringing out its natural glow. Added bonus, turmeric heals wounds, prevents breakouts and lessens active ones, reduces scarring, and makes skin super bright. Activated charcoal effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes deeper impurities, and dead skin cells. The result is smooth, supple, and even-toned skin. Dirt, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and other poisons are attracted to the charcoal molecules and washed away. Rice powder also has anti-inflammatory properties and is a gentle exfoliant. The powers combined of these three ingredients can support the restoring skin.

  • Ingredients

    Tumeric, Activated Charcoal, Brown Rice Powder

  • Directions

    Cleanse face with cleanser/toner.

    Mix one or two teaspoons of powder with a small amount of water and/or moisturizing oil. Add liquid until reached the desired consistency (should be a loose paste.) Mix together in a small bowl. Using a facial brush, like a paint brush, seems to work best. 

    Place on face keeping away from eyes.  Let sit for at least 5 up to 20 minutes at most. Once set, use warm water to rinse skin clean, Cleanse skin with cleanser again to remove any remaining mask. Apply a generous amount of serum to seal in skin. It is very important to use an oil-based moisturizer after using this mask. 

  • Product Information

    2oz Glass Bottle

    WARNING- may stain 


    If unsatisfied, please contact for a full refund!

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