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Armpit Detox

Armpit Detox

Want to switch over to natural or even no deodorant? GASP! NONE? Its possible, I’ve done it. I do not wear deodorant and haven’t for years. The trick is not to wear it. This detox mask for your pits can support you in your journey. For some, this really is a process. There are so many chemicals in deodorants and they all go straight into your pores. Wearing deodorant is a tricky thing. Commercial deodorants actually do the exact opposite of what they claim. They make you stink more when you don’t use them because of all the toxins that now live in your skin. Your body is going to overcompensate and create more sweat creating a war zone for bacteria to thrive. This is why you have to keep applying. It a vicious cycle. The only way out is to detox and quit. Using this blend of activated charcoal, turmeric, and arrowroot powder can pull out toxins and bacteria. Over time, your pits will smell less and less as they detox. Till you won’t have to wear any at all or if you just can’t stop, at least now a natural one will work. A lot of people when switching to natural deodorants find it very difficult because they are used to commercial deodorant and when not used, then the body begins to seep out all the chemicals making you stink more. This detox helps move the process along to you can be on your way to the natural way.

  • Ingredients

    Bentonite clay, activated charcoal, arrowroot powder

  • Directions

    Make a paste with equal parts powder and water. Place paste on armpit. Make sure you are in a comfortable place because you may not be going anywhere for the next 5- 15 min. Leave mask on till hardens then wash off, best if done in shower. This can get a little messy if not careful. 

  • Product Information

    Products in a 2oz glass jar


    If unsatisfied, please contact for a full refund!

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